Silvertip badger hair FAN knot 26mm

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This Silvertip badger hair is the shaving brushes contain the highest quality hand-packed, uncut, bleached tip, unmixed silvertip badger hair, retaining the hairs suppleness, softness.

The extra densely packed 26mm knot FAN SHAPE has superb ‘backbone’ (resiliency) yet very soft tips. The hair is fine gauge and has the most superior water absorbency of any of the badger hair grades. For the gentleman seeking the softest, most luxurious tactile lathering experience.

Measurements (approximate):
• Handle height: 56mm (2.2”)
• Silvertip Badger Hair height: 54mm (2.1”)
• Total height: 110mm (4.33”)
• Knot size (hair diameter at base) = 26mm (1.02”)