Hexagon Double Edge Safety Razor 99A,Stainless steel

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The 99A is our second generation of their all stainless steel double edge safety razor. This matte textured handle is constructed with solid 303 stainless steel so it is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant. The unique hexagonal design is inspired by honeycomb, an architectural style characterized by symmetry. The heads are zinc-alloy with matte-plating. Choose from open or closed comb. (The handle is compatible with most standard 3-piece, DE safety razors).

Matching same style razor stand for sale as well, but you need to buy stand from other listing.

We are so passionate about getting these classic tools into the hands of everyone that we've created a high-quality, razor-to-last-a-lifetime at an economical price point. 

  • Height- 9.4cm
  • Weight - 98g