About Frank Shaving

Established in 2000, The Frank Grooming Industrial Limited is a highly professional manufacturer of the finest quality shaving products. We produce various types of shaving brushes, razors and shaving sets. The company is registered In Hongkong, with our factory being located in Shenyang in the North-Eastern area of China.

After several years of ongoing development, we now offer an extensive range of the finest quality shaving products. Our Hongkong-based design concepts dovetail with advanced Chinese technology to demonstrate some of the most important features in wet-shaving performance - heavy density brush knots, lathe-turned, hand-polished brush handles that are process-friendly, enjoy consistency of quality and are of course cost-effective.

Our rigorous quality control, coupled with an enthusiastic and skilled research and development team leads to our products enjoying the trust and support from many leading shaving companies throughtout the worldwide.

Whilst 'Frank Shaving' may not be as well-known as some other famous names in the world of male grooming, we believe that our devotion, vitality, sincerity and unswerving insistence with regard to quality make us a refreshing, competitive new player in the wet shaving world! 


Frank Shaving team is continually working with the world for companies who have the experience to showcase our quality hand made products & distribute to retailers within their respective countries.

If you believe your company has vision, passion, capability & resources to grow up with us together, we want you!