Selected Manchurian Finest badger shaving brush

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This brush knot is selected by handmade.

Hair: This is Selected Manchurian Finest badger hair that we choose the material from China Manchurian area which most badger lives and hair are top quality.

By our workers selected by handmade twice from regular Manchurian Finest badger hair, pick up the black hair or inverted hair as much as possible, try our best to keep the tip are soft and white color.

Good backbone and soft tip. 2-band color is evenly distributed on the hair, natural and harmony.

Knot shape: Snow mountain. Not hardness under the knots. 

Knot size: 26mm

Loft: 52mm

Overall: 106mm

Handle: quality resin handle handmade and CNC lather, the shape is designed by FS.