Manchurian Silvertip badger MS24-BH01

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Best representation of Wet Shaving, this series brush have been hand formed using unique sourced rare Chinese Manchurian Silvertip Badger. Natural appearance, best backbone, soft tips and the ultimate flow through qualities mean this hair is something truly unique in the industry.

Manchurian Silvertip badger:
It is most natural, soft and flexible hair, which is selected carefully to create a best handcrafted shaving brush. Silvertip badger hair represents the finest, softest and rarest quality of badger hair. Best ability to retain large amounts of water and produce plenty of creamy lather in short time.

High-grade resin Faux horn color match with natural Bamboo used for making handles with durability and beauty. This new design offer natural culture. Hold this handle you will smell nature world. Luxurious long handle will offer a comfortable shaving. 


Handle: Bamboo & Horn handle 

Approximate brush specifications:

Overall brush height – 127mm

Knot loft - 57mm

Knot diameter - 24mm

Handle height - 70mm

Weight - 57g