Manchurian Silvertip badger brush MS22-26

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Manchurian silvertip is well known as uncut unbleached badger hair, specially for its best softness.  Unbleached silvertip badger hair varies naturally in color from off-white to gray. Sourced from the coldest region of Northeast China (historically known as Manchuria) make it has special name "Manchurian" which stand for the highest quality of natural wild badger hair. 

Bulb shaped, this brush will offer the ideal balance between backbone and soft tips. Due to its water retention capacity the Frank Shaving Manchurian silvertip badger hair generates a luxurious lather that provides ample lubrication for the razor to smoothly glide over the skin. The Select is truly a delight to use.

Mixed color is new development of FS, another different world from this series of handle. There is no any two handles are same as different markings and hues throughout the handle will vary. The brush in hand will be unique. Only for special you. 

Overall brush height – 105mm
Knot loft - 55mm
Knot diameter - 23mm
Handle height - 50mm
Weight -66.5g