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FdEAU DE COLOGNE The fragrance was invented in Spain by the clergy of the female branch of the Dominican Order as a healing tincture.

It was prepared from various oils: orange, lemon, bergamot, neroli, lavender, rosemary leaves, lemon balm and iris rhizome (violet root).

This recipe went to the Italian Johann Farina, who sold spices in Cologne.

In 1709, Farina founded the Cologne Manufactory, and named these perfumes after his new home, the city of Cologne: "Cologne Water" (French eau de Cologne)

Thanks to this fragrance, Cologne becomes a world-famous city of perfumers: in the XVIII century, "Cologne Water" was ordered by the highest society of all Europe. Prussian King Frederick II presents cologne as a gift to the Russian Tsarina Catherine II; later, Tsar Alexander I also buys cologne. It is known that Napoleon harassed up to sixty vials of "Cologne water" in a month.

A classic and timeless composition in which bitter top notes of Orange and Lemon Zest are revealed in the heart of bright, juicy citrus fruits.

Essential oils of Bergamot and Neroli are mixed with a floral bouquet of Lavender and Rosemary, adding depth and complexity to this fresh fragrance.

The coolness of Melissa completes the exquisite perfume composition, as a herbal counterbalance to a bright and juicy Orange.

Pure natural fragrance filled with essential oils.