Frank Shaving Manchurian Finest badger hair shaving brush

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  • This is a top quality shaving brush handmade by Frank shaving.
    Hair: This is Manchurian finest badger hair that we get the material from China Manchurian area which most badger lives and hair are top quality. Good backbone and soft tip. 2-band color is evenly distributed on the hair, natural and harmony.
    Handle: quality resin assemble African Rosewood handle handmade and CNC lather, the shape is designed by FS, very good proportion and hold comfortable easily.
    Knot size 26mm can lathe much foam and circle on the face smoothly.

  • knot size:26mm

  • handle length:92mm

  • overall height:150mm

  • hair material: Manchurian Finest badger hair  

  • handle material: resin&wood

  • weight:66g