Finest badger mixed Finest synthetic knot 26mm/28mm/30mm

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This is our special hair shaving brush, the hair knot was mixed in two grade hair, one is Finest badger hair, another is our G7 synthetic hair, we can call it 2-in-1 knot, it is easy to remember.

These knots have been hand formed using our own unique sourced rare Chinese Manchurian Badger and super soft synthetic hair from BASF.

The mixed knot was a good balance for shaving, not like hard tip with badger hair, softer synthetic hair can solve the stimulus on the face during shaving. This balance provides excellent water absorption to lathe rich foams easily and quickly in the shaving bowl.

Faux horn with natural marking of each handle make you feel easy and comfortable to hold for wet shaving. Each brush is entirely unique, no two brushes are the same (markings and hues throughout the handle will vary), the appropriate scale provides a good holding in hand.




Overall brush height – 102mm

Knot loft - 58mm

Knot diameter - 26mm

Handle height - 44mm

Weight: 68g



Overall brush height – 102mm

Knot loft - 53mm

Knot diameter - 28mm/30mm

Handle height - 49mm

Weight: 68g