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Turn an everyday chore like shaving into an indulgent experience! Made with polished stainless steel shaving bowl, rosewood, and genuine badger hair. The ultimate gift for the lover of a close shave.

An elegant addition to any bathroom. This shaving set, complete with chrome stand, makes quite the statement. Using natural rosewood and animal bristles, you can achieve a clean cut shave that normally costs a fortune. Why bother with expensive disposable razors when you can get one that lasts a lifetime?

Everything you need for the perfect shave is supplied in an elegant gold-brown presentation box, including a 3-piece double-edged safety razor and 5 extra blades. The shaving brush is made with best badger bristles for a super soft shave.

Stainless steel
Best badger hair

Brush: 3 3/4"
Stand: 5 7/8"
Razor: 4 7/8"