"Brahman Sandalwood" Shaving soap by IL FENOMENO DELL'ARTE ®

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FdA© Brahman Sandalwood is a luxurious and fascinating fragrance of sandalwood from India, where some of its most valuable extracts are extracted, since Hindus have a rich tradition of processing fragrant wood for thousands of years.

The composition includes a rare essence of red sandalwood, extracted using a unique distillation method exclusively from the core and roots of a half-century-old tree, which is no longer easy to find at such a mature age.

Lightly seasoning the sublime substance with Papua vanilla, we changed its virgin character and style of behavior, now the sexual elixir has acquired the authentic aura of the old Mysore sandalwood. It has a particularly exquisite, sweet aroma.

In pursuit of him, not for the last time, elephant drivers will lead their caravans along dangerous secret paths into protected forests. The coveted prey is defenseless, but Mysore sets traps. Severe brahmanas carefully monitor their possessions. The treasures of the Temple are protected not only spiritually - fire, smoke and steel are ready to pursue the robbers who invaded its lands... Having lost their way, people will desperately stab animals with hooks, encouraging them to go forward. Blood will be shed - such is the impermanence and variability of poaching happiness.

Forbidden and sacred White Sandalwood, its fragrance is the heart and soul of our soap base, brewed specially for it with the addition of Turkish rose water and shaped like a paste. The soft texture of which makes it similar to the sandalwood paste of the brahmins. Only the highest varna of priests has the right to create it.

After all, it's for the gods!

The sandalwood of Brahman - sounds like a sacred chant for everyone who inhales it!