"Blue Chimera" Shaving soap by IL FENOMENO DELL'ARTE ®

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Inspired by the image of the legendary dragon guarding his rare treasure, Blue Chimera Aftershave combines the indomitable power of nature, the spirit of perfect protection and the aura of all-consuming luxury.

Premium shaving soap specially designed for true connoisseurs of classic skin care. With an excellent formula created from exclusive ingredients, this soap will give you a dense and creamy foam, exceptional slip and post-slip of the razor and provide maximum comfort during shaving by providing an optimal level of skin protection.

Artisan shaving soap Blue Chimera is enriched with natural oils that moisturize and nourish the skin, preventing irritation and dryness. The plant extracts included in the composition soothe the skin and promote its regeneration, so the product is ideal for sensitive skin.

An exquisite masculine fragrance creates a feeling of freshness and purity, giving the shaving procedure a relaxing and uplifting effect.

Created by the hands of real masters of the perfumery craft, the fragrant composition begins its history with a tangible flurry of freshness: sparkling green notes are intertwined with juicy pear and luxurious orange blossom.

The heart of the fragrance is like a secret chord: black currant gently touches the earthy, mineral depth of sea clay, while Arctic algae give the composition an exclusive, truly unique aftertaste reflecting its multifaceted character.

The pyramid of the fragrance is completed by the seductive masculinity of its base. Warm amber combines with deep notes of sandalwood to emphasize the indomitable strength and power of Blue Chimera, while a light trail of vanilla adds a nuance of intrigue and smoothness, making the fragrance unforgettable and complete, like the final chord in an epic symphony of the elements.

Each note of the composition, as if awakening, pulsates with the harmony and power of the beating heart of a majestic beast, giving rise to a feeling of undeniable confidence and noble calmness in the soul of its owner.