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The daughter of Zeus rules in these lands.

A special fragrance preserves the memory of the fate of the ancient Greek goddess.Blinded by her beauty, the jealous father lost his peace. A young innocent daughter for the joy of the heart, a rich gift. By force and generous gifts, he persuaded her to make a covenant with him: earthly possessions and a royal crown in exchange for her Eternal Chastity.

The power of the Olympian Zeus is limitless - even the mountain echo does not dare to echo with the supreme ruler. A maiden's oath was given for the Father's favor. This was reflected in the composition, where the imperious note of the mighty Atlas cedar with trunks reaching into the sky established its dominance over the subtle and sonorous aroma of young grass, playfully growing under the dense crowns of the giant, as if under a dome.

The thick woody sweetness, enveloping with its balsamic heavy tones, similar to sacrificial and ritual incense, gave a new sound to the light, cheerful and carefree greenery - herbaceous bitterness. A mystical court entourage of bitter thyme and tart sage, like nymphs, will now follow her everywhere.

Leaving the hall of Zeus, the obedient daughter hoped in vain to kill the feeling of love in herself, not assuming that even the gods, and those are powerless against her.Descending from the top of Olympus to the land given to her by her father, the maiden with the golden spear will violently disperse the predators. A mortal born on earth will see that the goddess herself has inspected these possessions. Fear stricken elders, leaders and nobles will stand around her altar... their gift is a diamond crown! Here it is-the Greatness and Power promised to her by her father!

But the local forests, contrary to her will, will continue to carry the smell of the strictness of patriarchal laws and the inviolability of foundations. A celebration of three masculine ingredients: cedar, patchouli and vetiver on wet ground. As well as the three main gods: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. In both cases, they will remind her who this world really belongs

  1. This is the whole complex and deep flavor.

Citrus chords have never looked so great anywhere else. In combination with juicy stems of burdock rhubarb, they give the green woody composition the same feelings that rage in a young soul. Hidden desires and primal passion, thirst for gentle touches of a flexible, eternally young body. The smell of black pepper brings the effect of playfulness, making the composition more intriguing. So her servant-priestess claimed, sending reckless daredevils and ancient heroes to their forefathers before the altar of her goddess...

The fearless brought death upon themselves by sacrilege, despite the sacred prohibition, they sought love with the goddess.

But you know the ancient Greeks, there is only one rule for them - whoever can, takes it!

And today it is the perfect fragrance for men who want to spend days full of challenges.

Weight: 100g